WINTER MOOD BOARD … As Winter Draws to a Close

In comparison to summer, I’ve never really been the biggest fan of winter. However, this year I’ve been seeing the positives in it and trying to enjoy the moment rather than desperately longing for the summer months. I’m someone who doesn’t like the cold and I’m sure there are lots more people like me out there! Despite saying this the winter months really are beautiful, especially on that rare occasion here in the UK when it snows. Plus you can’t get much cosier than a blanket and hot chocolate, right?! Of course topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and maybe some grated chocolate or a flake if you’re feeling daring. So, as the warmer weather and spring approach, and the we start to near double digit temperatures, let’s show a little appreciation for winter with a few of my favourite pictures. Enjoy!



neon sign

hot chocolate






candy cane

What do you love most about winter? 

G, x


*Pictures via Pinterest


22 thoughts on “WINTER MOOD BOARD … As Winter Draws to a Close

  1. CherishingFLo says:

    Winter is beautiful. That’s what I love most about it but I don’t actually like winter. I use more lotion cause my skin gets dry. The ONLY time I ever get sick is during the winter. And I despise the cold with a passion. After Christmas I’m over it, usually. Lol but I do love the snow and the beauty that comes with it. And I also like scarves and winter boots so those are some positives!

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  2. Maria | says:

    Yum!I absolutely love hot drinks with whipped cream in the winter! Even though summer is my birthday season and my favorite one I can appreciate cozy things. I look forward to get to decorate my own house like your pictures some day in the near future!


  3. Helen's Journey says:

    Some lovely photos in that collection – makes me want a hot chocolate now 😉☕
    Same here, hate the cold but love seeing how pretty everything looks in the snow! ❄🌨⛄
    I’m looking forward to some good Spring sunshine now…

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