Best Designer Dupes on the High Street

Hi everyone, welcome back!

Most of us won’t have the luxury of being able to purchase designer brands on a day-to-day basis and being a student I know all too well about this. However, with that being said, designer brands aren’t necessary for us to purchase and there are many high street stores who stock dupes for a much lower price tag. It just shows that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to wear something you feel good in. I hope you find some items on this list that you would consider buying as an alternative!

First up is the Versace Barocco FW’91 Print Silk Shirt. This vibrant button-up shirt has beautiful patterns and detail but amounts to £970 – a price that many people wouldn’t consider for a shirt.

Versace shirt.png

However, a much cheaper alternative is the Evelyn Baroque Print Oversized Shirt from Boohoo. Despite being a different style, this shirt maintains the colour theme and priceless patterns. And not to mention is a bargain at £18!

Boohoo shirt



Second is the Valentino Rockstud Untitled Camel Coat for £2835. As well as being the perfect length for a winter coat, the silver studs add something different and special to this coat. Realistically though, it’s not anywhere near what I would personally be able to pay.

Valentino coat

Fortunately, there are many alternatives of this coat that can be found on the high street recently.  The dupe that I have chosen is the Power Shoulder Trench Coat from Topshop. At a similar length, cut and colour, I would personally purchase this coat as a great alternative for the one from Valentino. For a similar style coat it is hard to believe that this one is £95 (but currently on sale).

Topshop trench coat



The Gucci GG Marmont matelassé mini bag has been everywhere in the recent weeks and months. At £715 the price tag isn’t quite as high as some of the other items in this post but it’s still not something that I can quite justify being a student.


If like me you’ve seen this bag on repeat but and would love to own it, maybe you could consider a much cheaper alternative which doesn’t look much different at all. From Miss Selfridge, the Black Quilted Cross Body Bag is only £20 but looks very similar, just without the Gucci logo.

Miss Selfrige bag



Finally, one item of clothing which has always been on and off trend has made another comeback – the blazer. This versatile piece brings a combination of both edge and sophistication to an outfit and not mention is really easy to style as it can be paired with almost anything. The Maison Di Prima Manuela double breasted blazer is the perfect fit but amounts to a large sum of £1675.

Maison Di Prima blazer


Despite being a different print, the Topshop Checked Double Breasted Jacket is a great alternative and costs a lot lower at £65 which is much more in my price range and something I would pay for this item of clothing. I think that I may even prefer this blazer to the Maison Di Prima one which is a huge positive considering the staggering price difference.

Topshop blazer



Overall, there are numerous dupes scattered around the high street so next time there’s a designer item you want but can’t afford it, try searching around a bit to see if you can get a better deal for something similar elsewhere.

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G, x



Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine’s Day!

It wasn’t long ago that I had never heard of Ralph & Russo. The British company founded by Australian couple Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo was launched in 2006 and has built up a clientele of A-list celebrities and royals. Continually producing spectacular designs and collections, their Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 was no exception. From pastel palettes to delicately placed crystal embroidery, this breathtaking collection is enough to make anyone gasp in awe.

With glittering gowns and Asian inspiration from the couple’s recent trips to China, this stunning collection created the brilliance of femininity combined with elegance and sophistication.

To top it all off, the show concluded with 29 year old Brazilian beauty blogger/ vlogger Camila Coelho as the bride. Crystals, florals and lace were only some of the many elements of this dress which created utter silence in the room as everyone watched on, mesmerised by the beauty of what they were witnessing glide past them. The dark, mirrored set for the show perfectly complimented the dress with a stark contrast between black and white, creating the perfect spectacle.

Look 3

Look 5.jpg

Look 6

Look 11

Look 14

Look 15

Look 29.jpg

Look 34

Look 37

Look 41

Look 45

Look 55

I would feature all of the looks if I could, however these were some of my personal favourites. To see the full collection, click here.

Thank you for reading,

G, x




7 Ways to Improve Productivity and Get the Most Out of Your Week

Welcome back everyone! How are you doing today?

Have you ever had those moments when you’ve got a long list of tasks to complete but can’t find the motivation or time to do them? I know I’ve felt this many times before but over time I’ve found a few things that help me tick everything off that list. These are tips that help me but are easily adaptable to suit your personality or lifestyle.

1. Get up early

This is probably the biggest tip I could give anyone who wants to increase their productivity. Not only do you physically have more time to get things done, but I personally always feel more refreshed in the morning. You’ll have a much clearer mind, allowing you to focus solely on the tasks you need to complete which in turn makes them both quicker and easier. It’s also a really great feeling knowing that you’ve completed and achieved tasks before other people are even awake – a head start to your day!


2. Create lists 

Either right before you go to bed or when you get up, create a list of all the things you want to do that day. This could include tasks you haven’t had time to complete the previous day and brand new ones. One thing that I like to do is order the tasks in my list in terms of priority. Once you’ve done the most important ones first, your stress levels should decrease knowing that you have completed everything that is urgent. I also find it useful to work on the biggest things on my list first as once you get them over with, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement. Everything after that will be easy!


3. Make a timetable

Make sure you know what you want to do and when to do it. One thing that I’ve learnt with this is you have to be honest with yourself and be realistic with how long each task will take and how much you can get done (this is the same with making lists). If you’re overambitious about how much you can get done it’s easy to feel discouraged when you haven’t completed everything you planned to. Also, don’t forget to leave time for breaks! This is really important so that you don’t overwork yourself. It will allow you to regain the energy and motivation to complete the next task. For ideas on what you can do to in your break, take a look at my previous Self-Care and Relaxation post.

4. Be strict with yourself!

The best way to be productive is to just get it done. I struggle so much with self discipline, especially after having breaks which is why I choose to do most of my work in the morning. One thing that is helping me though is telling myself that the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can relax and forget about the work. You could also set yourself time goals. For example, tell yourself you have to do at least 10 minutes of work. Often, after those 10 minutes you’ll be feeling more motivated and set yourself another time goal or to go ahead and complete the whole task.

5. Tidy your workspace/ desk/ room

Decluttering the space around you is an effective way of clearing your mind. There are less distractions surrounding you, allowing you to focus on the work you need to complete. This doesn’t have to be boring or make you have a completely blank canvas around you – you can be creative and turn your surroundings into an area where you feel inspired and motivated. For example, you could create a mood board. On my Pinterest account I have a board for interior design which contains some ideas of how you can spruce up your work area into something beautiful and creative. The picture below is an example of what you can find on there.



(Picture from Pinterest)


6. Exercise

Don’t think of exercising as taking time out of your day which could be spent working. Think of it as a way of encouraging you to work and making you feel good. Exercising first thing in the morning makes you feel refreshed, fuelled and motivated, helping you to achieve those goals much quicker. The same goes with eating healthy food as you’ll feel clean and energised rather than sluggish.

7. Create power through your outfit

This one might not be for everyone. I know sometimes I have those days where I’d much rather just do work from my bed in pyjamas. However, when I do this I just do the work to get it done rather than feeling motivated to do it. I suggest putting together an outfit that you love which makes you feel #GIRLBOSS and want to conquer all of your tasks successfully whilst enjoying it rather than ‘getting through it’. Something similar to this is something as simple as doing your makeup or painting your nails. This might sound quite odd but when I was younger wearing nail varnish used to make me want to do work because I loved the look of them when I was typing/ writing. I probably still feel like this now to be honest, I just don’t pay as much attention to it. But it works!


#GIRLBOSS outfit

(Picture from Pinterest)


That’s it for my tips so let me know if you try any of them out and how they work for you!

What are some things you love to do to increase your productivity? 

G, x


(First two photos my own, second two via Pinterest)







BEST DRESSED: Grammys 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

Today I thought I’d have a look at some of the people that I think were the best dressed at the Grammys this year. There are so many more looks that I loved but these were my personal favourites.

Hailee Steinfeld in Alexandre Vauthier

To me, this look is simple yet so effective. The dress and boots are so different it almost seems like they shouldn’t belong together but it totally works. It’s the perfect combination of elegant and edgy.

Hailee Steinfeld .jpg

Zayn Malik in Richard James

I wouldn’t often include men’s styles on here but this outfit caught my attention too much for me to not mention it. I love the colour and fit. It’s definitely my favourite male look of the night. The only thing I’m not keen on is the socks… I just don’t get it?!

Zayn Malik

Sza in Atelier Versace

Hands down, without a doubt, this is my favourite. There’s nothing I don’t love about this, it’s absolutely stunning. The dress is beautiful and her simplistic makeup and jewellery is the perfect choice, everything compliments each other so well. I’m obsessed!


Andra Day in custom Victoria Hayes

I wouldn’t usually like an outfit with this style but here it just works. I love the colour combination and it’s so refreshing to see something different on the red carpet!

Andra Day.png

Ashanti in Yas Couture by Elie Madi

This is so beautiful, it is literally glittering. Again, like Sza, the natural makeup is is perfect with this outfit. Anything more and I think it would have been too much.


Bebe Rexha in La Perla

The beautiful detailing and feminine fit made this dress stand out from the rest. There’s so much to look at in this outfit, even down to the clutch bag and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery… so gorgeous.

Bebe Rexha.jpg

Lana Del Rey in custom Gucci

In all honesty I think this is my least favourite out of all of my choices. I still love it but I think the dress could look better on someone else. Saying that though, the detailing is so beautiful and she still looks stunning.

Lana Del Rey.jpg

So those are all of my picks for today! If you have any other looks that you loved please let me know which ones they are!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. Thank you for reading!

G, x


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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy Wednesday, I hope everyone’s having a lovely day!

I had already written this post, feeling very honoured that cloudyems nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award, I didn’t expect it at all! But I was surprised yet again when I saw that The Daisy Blog and Being Chloe also nominated me. Three nominations! I’m so thankful to each of you. Everyone make sure you go and check out their blogs! I’ll only be answering one set of questions today which will be the questions by cloudyems as I was nominated by her first. However, I would still love to answer the other questions I was given from The Daisy Blog and Being Chloe so I may add an extra blog post answering them in the future! If you would like me to do this, let me know. 😊


The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or in your blog.


The questions I was asked:

1. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Despite the fact that I only started blogging this month, there are already so many things that I love about it. However, one thing that sticks out to me is the community. Everyone is incredibly supportive of each other and it’s so lovely to see and to now be a part of. I think it would be a whole different experience if the community didn’t exist.

2. What are your goals for 2018?

I have a few goals. Personally I want to try new foods (as I’m a very fussy eater) and do regular exercise more. In terms of my blog, I would like to continue to improve it. I’d like to become confident enough to be able to do outfit posts with pictures of me in public and learn more about editing photos. I’d also like to self host my blog as my own website and create a theme and aesthetic that I’m really proud of.

3. What’s your favourite memory from 2017?

This is a tough one. I have so many memories from 2017 that I could choose from. If I had to choose though I would pick my summer holiday to Walt Disney World, Florida. I already went a few years ago but this time it was somehow even better, it was by far the best holiday I’ve ever been on and something that I’ll never forget.


4. Have you ever been to another country? If so which was your favourite?

I have been fortunate enough to have been to a few different countries, all of which have something that I love about them. As mentioned above I have been to America which I absolutely love and have no doubt about going back again and exploring more of the country. I also love Spain and have been there almost every year of my life. I never love it any less and would for sure go back again and again.

5. Three places you’d love to travel?

I’d have to say New York, LA and Italy. Let me know if you live in or have been to any of these places.

6. What’s your favourite type of food?

Probably anything with chocolate. I love chocolate things such as brownies warmed up with vanilla ice cream.

7. Favourite celebrity and why?

This is another hard one as I don’t really follow many celebrities and wouldn’t really be able to classify one as my favourite. However, I do really like Selena Gomez. I love her values and what she stands for, I find her so inspirational. Not to mention I love her style and would happily wear everything in her wardrobe.

8. If you could have three wishes, what would they be? 

Probably constant happiness, peace and more confidence.

9. When are you at your happiest?

When I’m spending time with my family and/or boyfriend. It doesn’t really matter what it is or where, I’m just so grateful for all the time I get to spend with them.

10. Do you have a favourite type of blog post to write?

As I haven’t been blogging for very long I haven’t written many blog posts yet so I don’t think I really have a favourite yet. However, I love writing anything under the topics of fashion and lifestyle.

11. How do you find your inspiration for blog posts when you’re running a little low on ideas?

I find that inspiration strikes at the most random times. Personally, t’s not something that I can force and have to just let it come to me. When I do get an idea for a post I make sure I write it down straight away. This means that I have a constant list of ideas so if there’s nothing that I recently thought of which I want to write in a particular week, I can refer to this list. A lot of the time its even when I’m either asleep or going to sleep so I just have to quickly jot it down on my phone!


My Questions For The Nominees:

1. If you were to collaborate with anyone for your blog, who would it be?

2. What is your favourite time of year and why?

3. Why did you decide to start blogging?

4. What is your dream job?

5. What do you hope to have achieved in the next 5 years?

6. Do you have any quotes you live by? What are they?

7. Pool or beach?

8. How would you describe your style?

9. What’s one thing you love about yourself?

10. What is the most special and meaningful thing you own?

11. Are you someone who prefers the city or countryside?


My Nominations: 

I nominate the following people. Thank you for all being supportive. I love all of your blogs!













Once again thank you so much to everyone who nominated me. Thank you for reading everyone, see you next week!

G, x

The Sunshine Blogger Award














Happy Wednesday everyone! 💗 How has your week been so far?

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I’ve always loved jewellery and I think it does so much to an outfit. Most of the pieces I own are quite simple because I love dainty and elegant accessories (saying that I’m not disinclined to some bold pieces, they can totally transform an outfit in the best way).

First up is my Pandora charm bracelet. This isn’t something unusual or new and to be honest I was quite late in the hype to get one of these but I love it! I only have four charms on there at the moment but that doesn’t matter to me. What I love about it is each individual charm represents something and is meaningful to me.


My next pick is a tribal print black, gold and white bracelet. This was bought from a market in Bangkok and it really shows that you don’t need to go to some fancy jewellers to find something you’ll love. I only had it for about a month but I’ve worn it pretty much every single day since then!


How could I not include this. My Michael Kors Rose Gold watch (the watch in the link is not the exact as mine but as close as I could find to the same style!). A classic. This was a gift for me for my 16th birthday a few years ago and honestly I don’t think I will ever stop loving it. It’s such a special gift and is complimented really well by the Michael Kors rose gold bracelet. I purposely don’t wear these often as I want to make sure they stay special and not everyday pieces of jewellery!


Now I don’t mind if these aren’t still classed as a trend but I’m still a fan of chokers. These two in particular. Both are from Topshop. I love how both of these are a little bit edgy and glamorous and not to mention… they’re rose gold. And as you may have noticed in my recent Summer Mood Board blog post, I love any kind of gold jewellery. To be honest, it’s not something I’ve always been a fan of but over the last few years I’ve really got into it.


Sticking with the necklace theme, this is another special one to me. This was also a gift and it’s a perfect example of dainty jewellery which I adore. One thing that makes this even more special though is that it’s so versatile. I can pretty much wear this with any outfit (and I do) at any time of the year and it will still look good.


This gold and white bracelet from Accessorize is one of my absolute favourites at the moment. To me summer vibes are just pouring out of it. It’s so simple yet so beautiful and adds a classic look to any outfit.


Finally, I’ve been obsessed with earrings recently. Every time I walk into a shop I feel myself gravitating towards them until I remind myself ‘Oh wait. I don’t actually have my ears pierced.’ So I’m well aware that this one might be a little random but it’s something that I felt like I had to mention. These are a few of my favourites that I’ve found from Pinterest.

Earrings 1

Earrings 2

Earrings 3.jpg

That’s all of my favourites for now but if you’d like to see another post like this let me know because there’s always new favourites popping up! I’m a big fan of anklets in summer so one or two of them will be sure to make an appearance!

Let me know what some of your favourite pieces of jewellery are. Have a lovely rest of the week.

G, x


Self-Care and Relaxation

As you’ll be aware we’re almost halfway through January already! If you had any new year’s resolutions, how are they going? If they’re already forgotten about, don’t worry! I believe that resolutions aren’t just for the new year, you can implement them into your life at any time of the year, it’s never too late to set yourself new goals and grow as a person.

One thing that I think is vital for anyone is self care. With the busyness and pressure of life, it’s important that we take time to think about ourselves once in a while. Here are a few ideas that I can give to you to improve your wellbeing and just make you feel better

1. Pamper yourself – Fish out that bath bomb you’ve had stashed in the cupboard for weeks and gather up some of your favourite bath products. Put on some relaxing music, maybe add some candles and allow yourself the time to take a relaxing bath! Turn it into a pamper session if you like – find a face mask, do your nails! This is something fun and relaxing that you can do on your own to take your mind off things.

2. Read – Take some time to read, it’s totally up to you what you choose. A magazine, your favourite book, anything you like. This is a great way to distract you from anything happening in your own life and immerse yourself in another world. It is also a great way to focus and learn about the things you love whilst enjoying yourself at the same time!


3. Pictures of you and your loved ones – Find some pictures of your favourite days that you’ve spent with friends and family. Print them off and get creative! Fill the space around you with them and the good memories will lift your mood. I think that it is important to remind yourself of the people who love you and the fun times you’ve experienced together!

4. Go for a walk – Something that I find personally relaxing is to go for a walk surrounded by nature or along the beach if it is available to you. It’s a great opportunity to be very self-aware and listen to your surroundings. It allows time for self reflection and the appreciation of our surroundings.


5. Write/ fill out a gratitude journal – This is the perfect opportunity to really focus on the positive aspects of your life. By physically sitting down and thinking about what makes you happy and what you are grateful for, it allows you to focus on this and appreciate what you have more. There are so many beautifully designed gratitude journals out there or you could get creative and make your own!

6. Create a mood board or vision board – Have fun with it! Be creative- there are no limitations! Just whatever you love and find inspiration in, put together. Place it above your desk and let it inspire you!

7. Write down what you hope to achieve in the future – What do you want to be doing? Who do you want in it? This really allows you to focus on what you want in your life. You can make positive changes based on this and begin to mould the future that will make you a healthier and happier person.

8. Organise – Now this might just be me but I find organising so satisfying! Seeing the difference in mess and the items I can give to charity or friends and family makes me feel good! You could organise your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards… anything really. But personally, decluttering your belongings really does help to declutter your mind.

9. Bring nature into the home – Buy yourself some flowers or plants and decorate! I find that adding bright and colourful flowers always puts me in a positive mood. It reminds me of spring and summer and even makes the room look aesthetically better!


10. Exercise – I think out of everything on this list, this is the thing that makes the most difference to me personally. Exercise is just as important for your mind as your body. When I do any kind of exercise I never regret it, it always makes me feel so refreshed and positive – it makes you feel good!

If you have any more ideas or tips on how take care of yourself better then please let me know!

G, x



It may only be January but if you’re anything like me you’ll love all things summer. The weather, fashion, landscapes. So how about we just go straight in and have a look at some of the pictures I love as a mood board. After all, it’s never too early for a little bit of summer.

G, x

Summer 1Summer 2Summer 3Summer 4Summer 5Summer 6Summer 7Summer 8Summer 10Summer 12Summer 9Summer 11Summer 13

images via: Pinterest